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Establishing a Professional Government Communications Capability

The Borderless Consulting Group offers a turn-key approach to the establishment of effective government communications. And with the restrictions imposed by the current pandemic, we are prepared to offer our services remotely using Skype, Zoom, WebEx and other electronic communications platforms.

Borderless provides sovereign governments with high-level discreet – and confidential – communications support. With extensive experience in strategic communications, nation branding, crisis management and media training, and with a well-earned reputation for persuasive speechwriting and top-tier op-ed placement, we can help you and your government tell your story.

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The Borderless team will assist you every step of the way. We will work with senior ministers and officials to formulate a communications strategy, and we will train key spokespersons for effective media engagement. Our senior advisors will offer writing support for everything from speeches and op-eds to letters-to-the-editor and press releases. And as a top priority, we will work with your government to establish a professional Government Communications Office (GCO).
Of course every nation, and every government, faces unique challenges and has its own story to tell. Which is why the Borderless Consulting Group offers a bespoke service for each of its clients. Our goal is to help you tell your story as effectively and as persuasively as possible. So before we talk, we listen.

Every Borderless client engagement begins with a Communications Strategy Workshop, where our senior leadership team meets with top-level government representatives to share our research and learn more about the government’s major geopolitical challenges and key communications objectives. Based upon that workshop, we develop a draft communications strategy and a detailed work-plan for its implementation. And once that plan has been approved, we go to work. Senior representatives of the Borderless Consulting Group would be pleased to schedule a Skype or Zoom meeting with representatives of your government to further discuss our capabilities and your needs. Our experienced professionals are ready to help you tell your story… and by doing so, to improve the image and reputation of your government, and your nation.